About Stormy Productions

Stormy Productions is a very small software development company specializing in iPhone app development. The company focus is primarily on iPhone radio app development. The company has developed close to 100 iPhone apps which are available for download on iTunes and these apps have been downloaded over 1.5 million times.

Currently, Stormy Productions is a one person shop - all work is performed solely by the founder, Brian Stormont. As a result, availability is limited for taking on new projects. Feel free to contact Stormy Productions if you would like to inquire about project availability.

About the Founder

Brian Stormont has 20 years of software development experience. In 2008, he founded Stormy Productions with a focus on developing iPhone software. He was previously employed for 8 years at Zebra Technologies where he was Principal Software Engineer, writing software for embedded systems, specializing in wireless networking and wireless security protocols. Prior to joining Zebra, Brian worked for the Providence Journal Company (Rhode Island’s main daily newspaper) where he held various positions over his 12 year career, including intern, programmer, systems engineer, Oracle developer, programming manager for Projo.com, the newspaper’s web site, and finally manager of information technology for the newspaper operations.

Brian holds a masters degree in Computer Science from Brown University and a BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the University of Rhode Island.